Cyber Defense Education is just as Important for Kids, as it is for Adults

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It’s becoming more important for not only adults to be cyber-literate, but kids too. KX News took a trip to a cyber crash course for high schoolers.

High Schoolers at Bismarck State College’s Cyber Novice Camp told us, the internet can be a scary place, and they grew up fearing their information could be stolen at any moment.

Turtle Mountain High School student Kyller Delorn shares, “Everyday I think about that.”

His peer Megan Fleury adds, “Filling out job applications on the internet, I definitely have to be careful there.”

Isadora Li, a student from Edina, Minnesota explains, “Because it’s such a big thing. People are getting so much better at being skilled in those fields. So I think we need to be careful and watch out that our information isn’t getting stolen.”

She’s right. As hackers are getting smarter, we have to toughen our defenses.

BSC Associate Professor of Cybersecurity Matt Frohlich says, “It’s very serious. The rise in cybercrime has just had a huge uptick in the last few years. And that’s why there’s such a need because there’s money to be made in cybercrime.”

Recently, both NDSU and BSC were nationally recognized as centers of academic excellence in cyber defense education.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information security field is expected to see 28 percent growth in the coming decade. This is crucial because there is still a massive skills gap in cybersecurity-related jobs.

Delorn shares, “It’s hard, it’s really hard actually. There’s a bunch of commands on there so I didn’t think it’d be that much, but I just have to learn more.”

After learning the basics of a couple of security systems, today, the group was tasked with securing a computer.

Frohlich explains, “Everybody has some sort of social media, so those are all targets. We need to, as adults, be cognizant of where our children are online. We also need to educate them, and tell them they shouldn’t be giving out personal information.”

Frohlich says cyber defense is an ever-evolving field, which makes for an exciting, but also critically important, career.

The Cyber Novice Camp is the first of it’s kind in North Dakota, and even brought in several kids from out of state.

Frohlich has a couple of tips for everyone at home: Watch what you click on. If you don’t recognize it, ignore it. And, when you see a pop-up that says you won money or a prize, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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