BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center has been serving our state for 25 years.

It’s a place devoted to assisting and advocating for the community’s kids, helping over 700 children and families every year.

“When children come to us,” explained Jane Link, director of development and engagement at the Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center, “they are assigned an advocate, and our advocate is with them through their entire process. They’re with them while they’re at our center, they make sure that they’re aware of everything coming up-anything they need, they advocate for them and for their mental health.”

In order to help meet the needs of the community, the Advocacy Center’s newest headquarters — founded last July — assists both adults and children to get them the help they need.

They have meeting rooms, art stations, a community closet and other areas to help their mission.

When it comes to handling abuse in our community, the center brings in local law enforcement — especially detectives — to help with individual cases.

The main focus of the program is, of course, children — but the Advocacy Center’s mission goes beyond just caring for the kids: they intend on healing the whole family.

The center supports both children and their caregivers, offering them solutions to keep them safe.

“Child abuse generally affects the whole family,” said Link, “because over 90% of kids know their abuser. We provide advocacy not only to the children, but to the non-offending caregivers, and really try to promote their hope, health and healing.”

2022 marks the 25th year of the Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center — and with the continued support from the local community, they plan to be around for years to come.

The center is always looking for donations, volunteers and sponsors to continue their work.