MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — You may have seen them cruising up and down the road, but now one car club is trying out something different.

KX News has more on-the-day classic car enthusiasts looking forward to Thursdays in the summer.

The Dakota Cruisers car club has been meeting in the U-Haul parking lot all summer. Originally the meetups were on Wednesdays, but now they’re on Thursdays.

“We kind of congregate here in the U-Haul parking lot on South Broadway. And then people stand around and shoot the breeze, shall we say. And then anytime we want, we’ll hit Broadway and go up and down, Broadway. Some will do it one time, up and down, and some will do it three or four times,” said Dakota Crusiers President, George Masters.

This Thursday was a sponsored event with Verendrye Electric Cooperative to promote electric cars, which is the second time they’ve done this.

“How they work, what they cost to operate. From our standpoint as a utility, whether the car will work for you or not doesn’t matter because people are gonna buy them. And it works for people and maybe not yet for others,” said Tom Rafferty, the member services manager at Verendrye Electric Cooperative.

Although most of the Dakota Cruisers cars are older and run on gas, Masters says the club is open-minded.

“So I think even though a lot of us don’t know much about electric vehicles, I think it’s a thing of the future. And Verendrye Electric, obviously being a co-op in the area is trying to help spread the word about what they have and how electric vehicles work,” said Masters.

Rafferty says he knows electric cars aren’t for everyone, but he hopes people can at least learn more about them through events like this.

“They work for certain cases. Some people they don’t work. In the winter you lose half your range. Sometimes that’s not acceptable depending on how far you’re driving, but me, daily use around town, I drive back and forth to Velva. It’s a great little commuter car,” said Rafferty.

He also says electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and attainable for those who want them.

The Dakota Cruisers’ next big event is Motor Magic at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds from September 2 through 4.

People can expect to see drag racing, a car show, and a lot more.