Earlier this month we told you that all the goats at the Dakota Zoo were expecting, and now they are here on display.

All five goats gave birth to seven baby goats. The zookeeper told Kx News that all the baby goats will stay, temporarily, and will eventually be sold to other facilities and farms.

Right now, the baby goats are nursing and will not be able to eat solid food until a few weeks from now.

Zookeeper, Kassie Goforth, says the babies are getting all the attention and add a lot to the zoo.

“They do have different personalities. They are all starting to get what we like to call the zoomies which is where you will see them bouncing off the logs and chasing after each other, headbutting one another and just playing with each other,” said Goforth.

You can catch the baby goats while they’re here, from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck.