Northern Plains Dance in Bismarck is giving people an opportunity to get out of the house and shake it off.

Parents got a chance to show off their moves first thing Tuesday morning on the capitol grounds. For some, it was the first time in a while they had been outside.

“It’s wonderful! It’s nice to get out. She’s been in the house pretty much this whole time. Just goes out in the yard and it’s nice to be amongst other people,” shared Kelly Sparks, who was there with her daughter, Charlotte.

“It feels a little bit funny. We’re used to doing with YouTube videos at home. So it feels funny to do it in front of other people, but you kind of just zone it out and it’s fun,” explained Alex Wutzke, who brought her daughter, Claire to the class.

The 30-minute class gives parents the opportunity to spend time with their kids and meet other duos just like them.

“It does provide exercise for both of us. She gets some more socialization, which she’s pretty shy. So we need that, and she gets to learn things,” shared Sparks.

“It’s really nice just to be able to get out and be part of the community a little bit. Meet other moms,” explained Wutzke.

Northern Plains Dance says having a class outside gives kids the freedom to move around and takes the distractions away from a dance studio like big mirrors.

The class also allows children to learn fundamental dance skills while giving parents a chance to get a warm-up in for themselves.

“So a workout for moms, but also bonding time. Especially with kids under three. They have so many movement patterns that are developing and it’s really important to guide them through things like lateral movements, musicality. Things that really develop in kids,” shared Hollis Mackintosh Heid, the Director for the Northern Prairie Dance Company.

Hosting an outdoor class also gives parents the option to social distance and get some fresh air.

“North Dakota summers are the best in the country and so why not take advantage,” explained Mackintosh Heid.

They say if the area has inclement weather they would move the dance class to another location.

Dance Together takes place every Tuesday morning, from 10-10:30, on the North Dakota capitol grounds.