Cattle ranchers should be on the lookout for a deadly disease that may be infecting stock ponds.
Blue-green algae have been found in some wetlands in the state, including in Mountrail County.

This pond is southeast of Stanley and has shown signs of the bacteria that show up as a blue or green colored sheen on the top of the water.
Jim Hennessey of the Mountrail County Ag Department says blue-green algae can easily kill cattle that get a big drink of the bacteria.

(Jim Hennessey, Mountrail County Ag Agency) “It’s just like in the movies when somebody gets a cyanide pill and walk about 15 feet and drop dead, well cows do the same thing. They get a good enough drink of that water that’s got the cyanide in it, they walk away from the slough or the pond, and you’ll find ’em dead within 100 feet of the pond.”

Hennessey says if blue-green algae are detected, ranchers should keep cattle away from the pond with fencing or otherwise diverting the animals from the infected area.