MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A dangerous social media trend called the Orbeez Challenge is on the rise around the nation.

The challenge encourages shooting people with airsoft or paintball guns and a gel-filled ball called an orbeez. The shooting is said to be causing several different injuries.

Depending on the type of gun and the victim’s injury, participants of the challenge could be charged with a felony.

Recently, the Minot Police Department said it’s happening there, and officers have responded to many incidents.

In many cases, the air guns have been painted to resemble real, functioning firearms.

“If your kids do have these items, which is not illegal by itself, but to make sure they’re using them and playing with them under appropriate supervision. And should you hear of your kids not using these in the way they are intended to, to take appropriate action within the home, and if necessary, notify law enforcement to assist you in that process,” said Aaron Moss, community outreach officer for the Minot Police Department.

Officers are hoping that with the community’s help, the dangerous challenge can come to a peaceful end.

If you see these types of guns being used in your neighborhood, please call your local police.