MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — College athletes have busy lives, between taking classes, trying to connect with their families, and performing on the court.

Student-athletes around the country start their days bright and early, sometimes before we get up for our jobs.

Adding on to the long days student-athletes are expected to excel on and off the playing surface.

“Yeah, it definitely can be hard, especially getting closer to finals week and stuff like that, you definitely have to do a lot more stuff like on the bus, like stay up a little bit later than you want to just to like either study or get your homework done for stuff you have to or get up early just to get stuff done before class,” said Minot State Basketball Student-Athlete, Easton Larson.

Athletes have to fill any openings in their schedule with homework, often times while in season students will be doing homework on the bus ride to and from games.

Homework can be difficult to focus on in a perfect setting, however, student-athletes must find a unique way to get their schoolwork done while the wheels are turning.

Being a student-athlete can be very exhausting and for those athletes that are away from their families, it makes it even harder not being able to see their loved ones during breaks.

“It does get hard sometimes especially around like Thanksgiving and we’re going close to where my families going to be but I won’t be able to see them, only at the game but really just finding time in the gym and just like kind of blocking it out I guess,” added Minot State Basketball Student-Athlete, Cam’ron Dunfee.

But while away from home these athletes do create a family of their own amongst their teammates, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“One thing we did in the hotel was like a lot of us would just like go into the hotel, and we would all just take a nap and, like we didn’t care we were just around each other and there would be like four people on a bed, we all have our own bed or whatever but we would have like three or four people in a bed, we’d all just hang out and just chill with each other,” said Dunfee.

For many student-athletes, their sport has become a part of who they are, and of course, they wouldn’t trade this life for the world.