Back in 2006, five ‘Welcome Minot’ signs were built along the major highways coming into town.

The highway beautification project brought the eye-catching signs, but no one to take care of them and the land they’re on.

For the past 12 years, a local coffee club would keep up with the properties where the five Welcome Minot signs are.

After a dozen years, they’re finally calling it quits.

“We have about 15 members, now most of them are over 80 and some not able to push a mower anywhere,” a member of the coffee club, Rod Romine, said.

Now, employees of First Western Bank and Trust have stepped up to take the responsibilities off the hands of the coffee club.

Depending on the weather, the plan is to get out there – to all five locations on all ends of town – to mow, trim, and pull weeds at least every two weeks.

Kevin Bohl of First Western Bank said it was a no brainer decision.

We found the people to come out here, spend an afternoon, mow the grass, keep the weeds intact and, you know, we want a first impression coming into Minot to look good,” Bohl said. “So that’s important to not only the community but to us, too.”

Romine added that he will miss the fellowship of the job, but that it just can’t happen anymore.

The President of the Coffee Club, Henry Milkey, is who offered the services 12 years ago.