It’s been one week since Canada required truckers to be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

Truckers and demonstrators against mandates voiced their opinions during a rally in Portal, a small North Dakota city on the Canadian border.

A crowd formed in solidarity with supporters on both sides of the border. About 50 participants showed their support for the rally and expressed their views on the mandate.

KX News spoke with an organizer behind the event, who is the mayor of Roche, a Canadian town near the border.

He said his concerns are about the number of unvaccinated drivers not taking the vaccine and the impact it could have on shipments like food and other needed items.

“It’s their livelihood, they’re only feeding their families, they feel this is not right for them to do something that is not right because they’re not dealing with the general public on a regular basis,” Percee Jay Riedel said.

Riedel said he expects to see an impact affecting the supply chain in about two weeks with the new changes.