As scientists and medical professionals continue the search for a vaccine to stop the spread of the coronavirus a group of activists took to the streets with a different agenda.

More than a dozen people demonstrated in downtown Bismarck with signs criticizing vaccines.

Immunizations have all but eradicated certain deadly diseases like polio according to the CDC.

Health Freedom North Dakota President Alexis Wrangler says her group believes in greater choice for medical treatment.

“We are all about choice, we want you to be able to make your own decision, your own informed decision, on whether or not you want, for instance like you said, a vaccine that is going to become available in the future. We don’t want to force or persuade anyone one way or another, we just want to present all the facts,” shares Alexis Wrangler, the President Health Freedom of North Dakota.

Wrangler says the group plans to hold more demonstrations in the future.