DES LACS, N.D. (KXNET) — Some high school students in North Dakota High Schools are part of a plan to encourage safe driving.

Des Lacs-Burlington Superintendent Christopher Bachmeier chose six students who will lead the school’s ‘vision zero’ campaign.

The students were chosen based on their leadership skills in school and around town.

“It’s so much clearer to get a message across when everybody is the same age or the same age group than have someone else that maybe a little bit older that’s been driving for several years. Where you have newer drivers are really taking the stand and taking the charge on what they need to do to become drivers later on in life,” said Vision Zero Regional Coordinator, Kyle Patterson.

Vision Zero is an effort by state leaders with a goal of zero fatalities on the road.

Students at DLB say they chose speeding as their campaign initiative.

“We’ll have a lot of messaging related and events related to that, that will focus on slow down when you’re behind a vehicle and other choices that a person can make when they’re behind the wheel,” added Patterson.

Vision Zero numbers in 2021 show 34% of crashes in our state were related to speed or aggressive driving, and every four hours a crash involved a juvenile.

“Prevention is really the key to this, if we can educate these drivers while they’re still learning, we can reduce the fatalities in North Dakota, we can change that driving behavior before they have any habits,” said Ward County Sheriff Department Sergeant, Sam Mahoney.

The group says setting a timeline to achieve zero traffic deaths and serious injuries helps bring urgency, accountability, and progress among our drivers, especially teen drivers.

As part of the program, DLB will get a banner with the students’ faces on it with a safety message which will be played at sporting events and on social media.