BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — One of North Dakota’s favorite touring musical acts is returning to the state next week — and if you’re in the mood for some classical rhythm and good-natured ribbing, it may just be the key (keys?) to giving you a fantastic night on the town.

Deuces Wild Dueling Pianos is a classic “dueling pianos” act, in which singer/musician/comedian duo David Charles Eichholz and Ted Manderfeld banter back and forth while playing both popular music and classic piano tunes throughout the ages. In the past year, they’ve performed at the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber EDC’s annual dinner — and now, they’re returning to the capitol for two unforgettable nights of humor and harmony.

Since the beginning of their partnership, Dave and Ted have worked together for 21 years — and in the process, have performed in over 2,000 shows together, with their website stating that they have never missed a booking in over 1,250,000 miles of travel. Over the course of this career, the duo have not only improved their musical skill, but their rapport with and trust in one another. After all of their adventures, though, they state that North Dakota will always have a special place in their hearts and in the history of the act.

“I love North Dakotan audiences, ” Manderfeld explains. “They’re smart. They get all the humor, but there’s also the Midwestern sense of kindness and appreciation that you’re there because things don’t come through as much. Dave and I are from the Midwest — that’s who we are. We can really identify with everybody here because we, too, quite literally have traveled all across the state, and driven every road in ND for 20+ years.”

During the concert, Ted and Dave will offer their usual bouts of skilled singing, practiced playing, and witty banter with both one another and the audience. In addition to the group’s own show, their upcoming Bismarck appearances will also feature an opening performance from Joshua Kloyda, a Minnesota-born blues musician, guitarist, and songwriter whom Ted and Dave are particularly elated to team up with.

“We met Kloyda during a corporate show in the Goss Opera House in South Dakota,” Manderfeld recalls. “He was actually living in the opera house.. it was wild. We hadn’t seen or heard from him in ten years after that, but as fate would have it, he just released his first real record, so we reached out to invite him to open up for us. He’s incredibly talented, and a true example of a modern-day troubadour.”

Needless to say, both the duo and their special guest are excited to return to the Peace Garden State this month, and can’t wait to once again perform for their fans and friends in the community. However, they’re also eager to welcome new fans — or anyone interested in snappy humor, twists and turns, and skilled piano playing — to the dueling piano session.

“If you have seen us before,” states Manderfeld, “then you know that every night is different. The audience pretty much controls the second half of the show. And if you haven’t, come out and give us a chance. Expect a lot of music, a lot of comedy, and a lot of spontaneity. If you’re going to come out and see the show, we’re going to get you to laugh and be silly.”

Deuces Wild and Joshua Kloyda will be playing multiple concerts at Belle Mehus next week — on both Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14. Both shows will take place at 7:30 p.m. CST. For more information on the shows, or to purchase tickets, visit this page on the Bismarck Event Center’s website.