The food we eat can have a tremendous effect on our well-being. Unhealthy diets can, at times, do serious damage to the neurons in the brain, halting further brain growth and even contributing to disorders like depression. The reverse applies to healthy eating, which has been shown to increase thought and memory. But how does one figure out what foods are good and bad for the brain, and how can they cut them out of their families’ diets?

To help families identify and combat these issues, the Kids Therapy Center will be hosting its Food for Mood classes throughout the month of August. These classes are designed to help parents learn how to become a ‘food detective’ for their child’s mental health — allowing them to identify the effects that certain kinds of food have on any individual’s emotional well-being.

Some of the lessons taught during the classes include the skills to read nutritional labels effectively, identify harmful foods, eliminate them from a household diet, and learn coping skills to implement lifestyle changes for your family. Each class is designed to run about 45 minutes long, with extra time at the end of each session to answer questions.

These lectures are scheduled to take place over the next few weeks. Registration is required, and class fees may be paid for by insurance, scholarship, or self-pay.

In order to learn more about the classes, or to register for one, contact the Kids Therapy Center at 701-751-0384.