A group of school social workers teamed up to give back to people in need.

They usually work for the Dickinson school district, but they have come together to help those families in need during this time.

“We put out a request for donations since school has been closed, so we’ve been able to offer pantry packs every single week,” shared Lauren Roemmich, a social worker for Dickinson Public Schools.

With so many people out of work or their hours getting cut, the hope is this will help people keep food on the table for their kids and themselves.

“Having kids home more often and needing to provide those meals every single day for every meal of the week. So we just know that there is a high need for it. That they might need a little extra to help supplement that. so that’s what we’re trying to help with,” explained Roemmich.

Every week, workers and volunteers collect donations from local stores, bakeries and other residents putting together boxes of non-perishable items and beyond.

“It’s really amazing because I’ve done it twice. This is my second week and most of the food that we get from here helps my family. Most of the stuff, bananas and stuff we don’t get. And then canned foods and stuff we don’t get them at the store most of the time. So it’s been a huge help for my family,” said Risper Chuma, a parent in Dickinson.

The group is doing no contact pick up. Families simply drive up, pick up and drive off.

“It’s only for Dickinson Public School families, but we will serve the whole family. So if somebody has one kindergartner, but four kids younger than that, we’ll still serve from the baby all the way up to the parents. Or whoever is in the household,” explained Roemmich.

For the last four weeks, they have been serving the first 25 families to sign up but noticed the need goes beyond 25 families.

This week they decided not to cap their sign up list and received almost 70 families registered to pick up food.

If you would like to donate, you can drop items off in the green bins outside of Dickinson High School or contact them through their Facebook page.