The winter months are brutal on our skin and our bodies. The excitement of the holidays is over and the cold and darkness have set in.

North Dakota is dry and dark in the winter so it’s important to take care of yourself during these times. We talked to the owner of Kharma Vida, a wellness salon in Bismarck who offered a couple of suggestions.

Andi Thon-Emerson says people need to get Vitamin D and stay hydrated. Everyone’s skin is dry and people are tired. Those are the two major issues she sees.

She notes that getting a facial, exfoliating your skin or using lotion are some ways to combat dry skin.

Since ND is known for it’s freezing temperatures, Emerson also suggests utilizing a sauna or red light therapy to stay warm and soak in vitamin D.

Red light therapy is FDA approved for anti-aging and acne, but it’s also good for a mood boost. Since ND is dark for so long, it’s important to feel good in the winter and light therapy helps brighten your day.

“Anything you can do to boost your happiness level in the winter can help you fight the winter blues,” said Emerson.

She suggests finding out what’s best for you by doing your own research and calling different places that offer winter wellness and take the time to take care of yourself.