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These days people are stuck at home and doing a lot of cleaning and organizing. Due to the shutdown, Americans are unable to donate unwanted items so they have to come up with efficient ways to create better systems in their homes.

We talked to one North Dakota woman who says she’s never been a minimalist, but she tries to do her best to alleviate clutter. Meet Patricia Camisa, 31, from Mandan.

Q: How did you get started with organizing at your home? 

The motivation began because I knew that my husband and I would need to have more organization and less “stuff” in our home once we started the process of our home study for our adoption. I had begun the project right before the season of Lent in 2019.

Q: Why do you choose this lifestyle? 

I would never consider myself a minimalist, to be honest. My husband and I are both kind of messy around the house, and we just owned too many things that we either didn’t use, didn’t work or just didn’t truly need. I figured if we had less things that meant there would be less to be lying around! Our home isn’t very big, it was built in the 30s and has very little closet and storage space. There is maybe about 1000 square feet of liveable space.

Q: Do you consider yourself organized or just have your own version of it? 

I definitely have my own version. I pulled a lot from Marie Kondo in both her Netflix series and book. I took what I knew I would use, and left the rest. Some of it came from common sense. I put small garbage cans in areas of the house that I knew I would sit and be lazy about going and putting it in our main trash. I hate putting away laundry and since we don’t have much of a closet we hung a clothing bar in our laundry room and I found a shelf type piece that has baskets to put clothes in straight out of the dryer. I separated my food containers and their lids into baskets from a dollar store so that they were easy to find in my shelf and they didn’t come tumbling out when I opened my cupboards.

Q: How long did it take you to organize the things that you’ve already done?

I took my time. I knew my deadline would be dependent on how long it took to have our adoption application approved, which can take several months. I worked on one room or area of a room at a time. I mostly worked in the evenings if I had the energy after work or on the weekends I wasn’t at my job.

Q: Any advice for people looking to organize their homes during the pandemic?

Take it slow. Know that because of how our lives are at this moment you may not be able to get some supplies that are useful like dollar organizing baskets and such. Never underestimate the usefulness of a shoebox, a shallow shipping box or the like. Start with a space that might be easy for you, for me that was the kitchen because it has rhyme and reason to it, pots and pans go together, plates and bowls. Eliminate the “junk” drawer, organize it by using little boxes and call it your “prepared” drawer. I am in no way perfect. I struggle with staying organized daily and I don’t even have kids to help me make a mess!

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