A Minot riding club has dedicated its time to helping out the Souris Valley Animal Shelter in any way they can.

The B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S have raised nearly $15,000 for the shelter since 2015 and each in some way have a tie to the shelter.

“We all own animals to some extent and we all feel that this a charity and an organization that reaches so many people,” Club President Missy Regelado-Smith said.

Regalado-Smith says the club loves to have events that involve the Minot community, like their upcoming third Annual Vance “Hoss” Nesset Memorial Ride which will be held July 18.

The event is for all to participate, not just motorcycles. The club encourages cars as well as any other vehicles who would like to join in.

“It is dedicated to a fallen brother of ours, and what we do is raise money during that run to donate in his name and his memory back to the shelter,” Regalado-Smith said.

The club also hosts its largest event, the annual Furry Friends Biker Ball each spring, which is a silent auction event from which proceeds go to SVAS.

SVAS Assistant Director of Shelter Operations Kasey Breuer says the shelter couldn’t run as well as it does without all of the volunteers and events held by organizations like B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S.

“Having third party events or even the events that we run, that just really helps us keep the ship running and make sure we can take care of all the animals as best we can,” Breuer said.

Overall, the club feels that they are just doing their job as part of the Minot community to give back, and credits the support of the local riding community for their motivation.

“We want to give back and just be a positive presence in the community, there’s sometimes a little bit of a bad rap given to bikers and so we try to use our presence for good,” Regalado-Smith said.

To learn more about the upcoming 3rd Annual Vance “Hoss” Nesset Memorial Ride, click here.