The Souris Valley Animal Shelter had some exciting news to announce last week, as they added a veterinarian to their staff.

The shelter is now the only one within the 12-county region that have a veterinarian at their facility with the addition of Dr. Logan Wood.

Wood says he may have just joined the team officially, but he has been eager to help animals at the shelter for quite some time.

“These cats and dogs are getting vaccines, microchipped, de-wormed and a full veterinary health exam. And we can make sure that these animals are healthy and that they’re happy and getting everything that they need prior to being placed into a forever home,” Wood said.

Dr. Wood is no stranger to taking care of animals of all backgrounds and sizes, as he became the staff veterinarian for the Roosevelt Park Zoo in 2019.

Before that, he worked at a private practice where he says he saw primarily cats and dogs and even did an internship in internal medicine and surgery.

“I work at the zoo full-time, pretty much 7 to 5, and then I come here. So I take care of cats or dogs here but I may be taking care of a bear or a giraffe in the morning,” he said.

Most recently, Souris Valley Animal Shelter volunteered as an organization to help out a young dog to help the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue who had an animal that was in need of emergency care.

Wood stepped up and built a wheelchair for the pup to move around.

He has a special place in his heart for special needs animals, as he adopted his own dog from the shelter a few months ago.

Photo: SVAS Facebook

Overall, Wood says he is just excited to provide shelter pets with the care they need before they make their way to their forever families.