Isabel Hanson and Faith Schilling live across the country from each other, but over the last four months or so, they’ve been communicating through Zoom, choreographing a dance together as a way to help people right now.

Hanson, 20, goes to NDSU in Fargo and is back visiting Bismarck for the summer and Schilling, who is 13, is living in Florida. They’ve known each other since Schilling started attending dance classes with Hanson a few years ago and became friends.

Hanson says she started playing around with a few moves and wanted to put something together to the music of Kari Job, specifically the song called “The Blessing.” During that time Tami, Schilling’s mother was feeling the same way and contacted Hanson to set up the collaboration between the girls.

It boiled down to both girls wanting to do something to encourage people right now during the pandemic.

“I just want to encourage people to use their talents. You never know who it’s going to help,” said Schilling.

Watch the full video here.