BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Discovery Toys started with an idea born in a garage, the company began when an early childhood educator, Lane Nemeth, first brought together a group of dedicated teachers, mothers, and parents to tackle the topic of children learning through play.

“Discovery Toys was created 45 years ago by a lady in her garage. She was unable to find educational toys for her daughter. So, she started looking around and finding toys that were of educational value. So, here we are, 45 years later, selling these developmental toys for children. They are kind of developmental resources disguised as toys,” said Cindy Levi, a play advisor for Discovery Toys.

Discovery Toys partnered with Sanford Health last year, and they donated a portion of their sales directly to Sanford Children’s Hospital.

“They’ve been such a big provider for our community. And it’s just wonderful to give back to them. I’m just inviting the community to do that with me and to purchase toys. We have a link that you can click on and you can browse. It’s called a scroll and shop. You can browse through it and shop. A percentage of the sales will go to Sanford Children’s,” Levi explained.

Discovery Toys and Sanford are once again working together to raise money so they can provide toys for children who are in the hospital.

“As a child life specialist, we love play, but we really really love purposeful play. We love when we can bring in development when we are using play. And have toys that are educational and developmentally appropriate for the kiddos. Especially when kids here are stuck in their hospital beds all the time,” said Kerry Obrigewitch, a child life specialist.

Toys make an impact, and not just through playing.

“It’s really good to have toys that promote those fine motor skills, promote those gross motor skills, and help them keep moving while they are here in the hospital,” Obrigewitch explained.

Last year, Discovery Toys helped Sanford raise over $600 for toys, and this year they hope to surpass that number.

Discovery Toys products are designed with the idea that children learn best through play.

Babies through school-aged children learn through physically interacting with the environment, using all of their senses to build new knowledge.

The toy sales continue until November 10.

To shop Discovery Toys, click the link here.