Police are armed with another layer of protection thanks to a grant from the Department of Justice.

Minot Police Department applies for the grant each year to fill any fiscal budgeting gaps.

This year, about $8,200 was awarded to MPD and was spent on rapid response mass trauma kits.

Officers were all already equipped with one tourniquet to use on themselves, but the emergency kits now arm them with another, as well as some injury-response materials.

With the new equipment, they can respond to any type of mass trauma incident with proper gear without having to wait for fire or ambulance crews.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a shooting, it can be anything that happens,” Minot Police Chief John Klug said. “I mean, even the concert that got out of control. You just never know when it gets to a point where somebody has some cuts or injuries that need a little bit more treatment than we normally would carry with us.”

Every MPD officer is equipped with the trauma-response kits, including the chief and administrative officers.