Don’t Be A Victim Of “Neighbor Spoofing”


BISMARCK – Another scam is making the rounds and if you’re not careful, you may fall victim to it.

It’s called neighbor spoofing.

Here’s how it works, you’ll get a call from a number you recognize, most likely a family member or a neighbor.

They’ll sound rushed or in a panic and ask you to send them money or gift cards.

The scammer on the other end sounds so distressed, the victim typically falls for the scam because they don’t take the time to ask proper questions to bust the scam.

KX News talked with the Attorney Generals office and they tell us the scammers are getting smarter by the day.

“They have researched the victim on Facebook through other social media and so now they are kind of familiar with the background and if that facebook account is hacked they can pretend to be that friend that’s in trouble someplace”, said Parrell Grossman with the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office.

You’re reminded that if anything sounds out of the ordinary on the call, your urged to hang up can call the person back to confirm or call police.

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