Many are comparing the conditions we’ve seen over the last couple of days to those of April 1997. From April 4-7 that year, a strong Colorado low brought the worst blizzard of the season for the state. Snow accumulated around 1.5 inches per hour, with 50-60 mph winds leading to a blizzard.

KX News spoke with Brandon Beise, a maintenance operations supervisor for the North Dakota Department of Transportation who said their plans for the next few days.

They have 350 plows across the state and you can track about a third of them on their app. He added the best thing you can do is…

“Weigh their needs versus their wants would be the first; if you absolutely need to travel be safe. If you’re out on the highways, give the plows room, have a safety kit in your car in case an emergency happens, you get stuck or stranded,” Beise said. “With the drifts that we’re having it would be very easy for your car to get hung up in some sort of snowdrift and be stuck there.”

Beise said there are only overnight plows in Bismarck, Fargo and Minot at the moment; they just don’t have the funds to have these workers elsewhere overnight — and if those workers can make it further out they try.