DOT Initiative to Keep Teens from Drinking and Driving Shows Promise

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As graduation and prom parties were in full swing, in April and May, law enforcement agencies across North Dakota had extra patrols on the road, enforcing the law against underage drinking.

Those extra patrols gave out 201 citations, including 21 minor in consumption tickets and 17 minor in possession charges.

Seven minors were arrested for DUI.

Keeping teens away from alcohol and drugs is a crucial message for law enforcement to communicate. And it becomes even more serious behind the wheel.

The good news, the 201 citations this year were much less than last year’s 252 tickets.

Safety Public Information Specialist for the ND DOT says, “You know, it’s not about writing citations. It’s about really educating this age group that, ‘Don’t get behind the wheel impaired, and most of all, don’t drink’.”

Doan says the underage enforcement has been happening in April and May for at least 16 years. She says it’s all about taking personal responsibility.

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