MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Downtown businesses have come together to provide locals with an outdoor social event before it gets too cold.

Downtown Minot is proud to present its first-ever Troll Stroll.

An event that allows people to enjoy beverages and some Scandinavian food.

The Downtown Business and Professional Association have done wine walks similar to the Troll Stroll, but this year it is both a wine or beer walk that will take you to 18 different stops.

“We have had several wine walks in the fall, that’s kind of been something we’ve done for years downtown. This one we named differently, we kind of wanted to pick a theme and we thought with the Høstfest coming next week that the Troll Stroll might be kind of fun,” said Downtown Business and Professional Association Chair, Casey Klein.

More than just drinks, the food some restaurants will present will be Scandinavian-themed.

The Downtown Business and Professional Association has an entire committee working on events like the Troll Stroll.

Along with the committee, the businesses in Downtown Minot have made the planning of this event smooth sailing.

“Certainly all the downtown businesses are great about it but it’s just fun to see people come downtown and have a great time. Then, they are able to stop in some businesses that maybe they’ve never been before and then they are able to check it out and come back later,” added Klein.

Along with people in attendance having fun, Klein says it is nice to expose the community to businesses that share the community’s passion for culture and economic growth.

“So several years ago before I was a downtown business owner, I would always attend the fall wine walk and there were so many places that I personally had not gone into, that I didn’t know were here. Living here for 20 years, I should’ve known they were here but I didn’t. So it was a great experience for me as an attendee at that time, and so I just like other people to experience the same thing,” said Klein.

The Troll Stroll goes from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. tonight, tickets are $60 per person, the max amount of participants is 300 and there are still some spots open.