When you think of a drive-up service, you don’t usually think about your local library. But that solution seems to be working well in Minot, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

“It was a really difficult decision,” said Janer Anderson, director of Minot Public Library.

That’s how Anderson sums up the move to close down to the Minot Public Library for the week. It was a lockstep move with the Governor’s order to close schools for a week, to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“There is part of us that really doesn’t want to have to turn people away, but we also understand in a public safety type situation,” added Anderson.

Shortly after making the decision to close its doors, Anderson and her team came up a way keep people reading — and safe, at the same time.

Anderson said, “We understand that there are people self isolating. So what better to do with your family than check out a board game or some movies.”

It’s a drive-up library service. If you have a library card, you can still access some of your favorite books, or even movies with the click of a button, or a simple phone call.

“It’s really a shame that we can’t go in,but it’s really cool that they have the drive-up service,” said Cristina Zier, a library goer.

Zier and her daughter spend a lot of time at the library — taking advantage of all the different resources.

“She loves the sensory board. I try to come by myself every once in a while to just get away from being a mom and do some reading, or even having a cup of coffee by myself,” said Zier.

Zier said she could get used to having the convenience of the drive-up service, even after the COVID-19 crisis has come and gone.

She added, “At the library, you’re not really in close contact with people. But what a good way to protect people just in case.”

The director of the library said she would love to possibly keep the service around after they reopen. CLICK HERE, for more information