WARD COUNTY, N.D. (KXNET) — North Dakota has seen a large turnout in early, in-person voting as Primary Election Day approaches.

The last day to cast your ballot in advance is this Monday, June 13.

The 2022 Primary election is well underway in North Dakota, with early voting open ahead of election day on June 14.

After only absentee ballots were cast in the 2020 election, many people across the state have taken that route this year.

On Monday and Tuesday in Ward County, there will be six locations where you can cast your ballot. And your election headquarters is here to keep you informed on what to expect.

The Ward County Auditor and Treasurer, Marisa Haman, said even though early voting numbers are slightly down right now, compared to 2018, they aren’t far off.

“As of Thursday, end of the day, we had 941. So averaging we’re a little lower. But now this morning we’re busy so could change by the end of Monday,” said Marisa Haman/Auditor and Treasurer for Ward County.

Haman said in 2020, the only way to vote for the Primary Election was by absentee ballots, because of the pandemic.

She thinks some people have stuck to voting that way.

Based on the number of early voters, she feels people are excited to vote at the polls on Election Day.

“So far this year, we are up to 721 sent but 528 received back. I think when COVID did hit, I think people realized how important it is to get out and vote on election day. And when they couldn’t do that, in the Primary in 2020, I think they appreciated it a little more,” said Haman.

According to the people I talked to, there are a few reasons why they’re choosing to vote early this year.

“Early voting, it’s so convenient and makes things easier. Especially for myself, I’m traveling next week so to be able to come in and early vote is just a great convenience,” said Tim Mihalick, an early voter in Ward County.

“If COVID taught us anything, you don’t know what could happen on election day. You could get quarantined or if something comes up and you cant get to the polls, if you early vote, you’ve got it done with and you don’t have to worry about having just that one day to get in and cast your vote,” said Haman.

“Vote. It’s your right. It’s a free country. And if you don’t vote, guess what, you don’t get to say anything,” said Jo Kjonaas, an early voter in Ward County.

If you plan on voting in Ward County on Primary Election Day, here is the list of locations where you can do so.

Election Day Vote Centers 7 a.m.-7 p.m.: *Ward County Voters can vote at any of the centers*​

  • State Fair Center (Minot) 2005 E Burdick Expy, Minot ND, 58701
  • Maysa Arena (Minot) 2501 W Burdick Expy, Minot ND, 58701
  • Berthold Senior Center – 309 Main St N, Berthold, ND 58718
  • Ryder City Hall – 206 N Main St, Ryder, ND 58779
  • Kenmare Memorial Hall – 5 3rd St NE, Kenmare, ND 58746
  • Sawyer City Hall – 104 Dakota Ave, Sawyer, ND 58781