Electric Vehicle Tailgate Party

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“I drive about 50 miles to work every day and those gas bills were adding up,” said Robert Moffitt, Director for the American Lung Association in Minnesota.

That’s what influenced Robert Moffitt to get an electric car, that accepts gasoline. More than saving money, health is his priority.

“These cars really help reduce air pollution. Vehicle exhaust is one of the leading cause of air pollution in this state. Having electric vehicles like this that either reduce or completely eliminate tailpipe emissions we will all have much healthier air,” said Moffitt.

And he isn’t the only one who has had an electric car or is thinking about it.

“Electric cars have been around for a while in the form of a hybrid where you have a gas engine and an electric engine. But we are seeing more and more strictly electric vehicles coming out,” said Wes Engbrecht, Communications Director at Capital Electric Cooperative.

They are different from gasoline cars.

“If you are sitting next to a corvette you will beat it off the line, but because the car has heavy batteries underneath it has a low center of gravity so you will get a lot of traction,” said Engbrecht.

People from across the state got a chance to learn about electric cars, ask questions to car dealers and see what’s hot on the market.

As for Moffitt, he gets the feel of two cars in one.

There are about 40 to 50 car models available in the upper midwest.

There are a few charging stations at hotels, private businesses and even homeowners have them.

, he gets the feel of two cars in one.

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