BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — This week, the school board looked over plans to renovate Pioneer, Grimsrud, Will-Moore, and Myhre elementary.

Principals with each of the schools showed up to the meeting to talk about some upgrades needed in all their buildings.

All four schools have similar needs, including accessibility for disabled students and updated bathrooms.

“Looking at Will-Moore our main focus is an ADA-accessible building: an elevator and office access. Very similar to what Pioneer is needing,” said Jill Vallejo, Principal of Will-Moore.

Vallejo says this year, they even had a student with a broken leg who couldn’t go to the cafeteria.

“He spent twelve weeks not going down to our lunch room,” said Vallejo.

For Myhre, the school’s parking issue was front and center to the board.

“A lot of the times we have to use our local businesses across the street or we have to park on the other side of the building and walk,” said Dr. Kimberly Herman, the principal of Myhre Elementary.

Another main concern was Myhre’s security or lack of it.

“When you walk into the building we have the buzzer in the office to come in. But when you do get in we have entrance right away to the gym, the music room, and the bathroom. So, all the visitors have access to all these students without entering the office,” said Herman.

And Grismud Elementary wants to expand its library, so it can provide enough space for students to simply come, read and study.

“On the library side of things, really enhancing the space that we currently have. To be able to store our current collections and also create a space that is more than just checking out a book,” said Brittany Upton, the principal of Grimsrud Elementary.

An overarching theme brought to the board members was inclusion. Including all students is the center for these renovation plans.

Principals for the schools also encouraged the board members to come and visit the buildings they want to renovate so they can see the need for change themselves.