Kindergarten through fifth-grade students from Myhre Elementary School are leaving their classrooms and loading the buses; some are even on foot.

The school held a field trip centered around a service project where they’ve grown flowers inside of the classroom as well as created pots out of recyclables.

“We took milk cartons and we wrapped them in tin foil; we started drawing and decorating it and then we took some dirt and seeds and we started planting it,” 4th Grade Student Marley Malnourie said.

The school is calling this Mayhre Day, a way to thank the community for supporting the school from volunteerism, donations, and helping out where needed.

“We appreciate everything that the community gives us and supports us throughout the year,” Myhre Elementary School principal Dr. Kimberly Herman said.

About 300 flowers were delivered to the doorsteps of homes in the community. Each of the plants has an important message to share.

“Some notes say we believe in you; you are important to us; we love you and it’s just a way to encourage our students and our community to want to give back,” Dr. Herman said.

Malnourie’s plant has a unique message of her own.

“I have a pink flower, and my note says keep on growing because I like when people are growing their ideas and stuff,“ Malnourie said.

Dr. Herman said this is the first of the school’s Mayhre Days, but will not be the last.

“This idea came as how can we give back to our community and how can we show our support and let our kids start giving?” Dr. Herman said.

The soil and flower seeds were all donated by Plant Perfect. Local churches also were there to help with this special day.