Elevator built in 1915 torn down in Elgin

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Video C: Kent Roehl

A piece of history comes down in a small town this morning.

The old Birdsall grain elevator, now owned by Dakota Grain Company took a little more than 1 hour to crash down.

The elevator was built by hand in 1915, just 5 years after the community was founded in 1910.

Jim Maier Co-Owner of Dakota Grain tells us the elevator hasn’t worked in several years, and for safety reasons it was time for it to come down.

It was not burned because of its connection to Dakota Grain’s existing structure.

The lot of space will also be used for expansion for Gooseneck Implement in Elgin.

Farmers stopped to watch today as the old elevator was torn to pieces.

Over the years some farmers have traveled up to 50 miles to take their grain to this elevator.

Another fun piece of Elgin history. Maier tells us the town was originally founded by the name Shanley in 1910.

However, mail kept getting mixed up with the town of Stanley, and so it was renamed.

A group of men couldn’t decide on a name, so one of the guys pulled out his pocket watch and said ‘it’s noon and time for lunch so let’s name the town Elgin.’

Elgin was the name of the pocket watch brand.

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