On any typical day, the Metro Ambulance EMT crew in Bismarck is prepared to suit up to handle and respond to calls even in snow.

“We come in the mornings and check the ambulances and make sure that they’re OK and everything is ready to go and make sure that all our equipment is in order,” Captain Paramedic Paul Peters said.

The EMT team relies heavily on the emergency snow route being ready to get them to the callers who need them.

“We keep those routes open; we use those primarily pretty much all the time, it’s kind of our practice to take the emergency routes as best we can,” Deputy Cheif of Operations Lance Pollert said.

Just like the weather changes, so does the volume of calls.

“We get more calls for people who would just usually take themselves to the clinic or drive themselves into the emergency room, but they’re not able to get themselves out,” Peters said.

But what happens when the crew has to travel outside the emergency snow route?

“That’s where we will take a provider to the home and that’s where we utilize our Suburban, and we will take a provider to the home in the four-wheel drive,” Pollert said.

Plus when that’s not enough, the team also adds snow chains to the tires as another method for maneuvering through the snow.

The crew is also stocked with six ambulances running during the day and five at night.

In order to help them do their job, make sure you don’t park your cars on the route during an actual snow emergency.