Front-line workers across the country, and even here in North Dakota, have put in a countless amount of hours to bring our communities back to its a normal shape and one multi-billion dollar company has chipped in to offer a little help.

Enel North America, a green power renewable energy company, donated $1.3-million dollars to support 75 COVID-19 frontline organizations, like hospitals, grocery stores, and many others, across Canada and the US, in communities where they house their wind farms.

“We want to help our local communities and we felt that’s important to us and so we reached out to find some things that they might need and we decided to make donations.” Site Manager of Lindahl Wind Farm Jordan Huston said.

5 of those organizations receiving donations are here in Western North Dakota where the Lindahl Wind Farm is housed.

“The Tioga Medical Center, the Ray volunteer fire department, the Tioga volunteer fire department, and the Wildrose volunteer fire department as well,” Huston said.

The money will be used for training, necessary equipment, and COVID-19 emergency response needs.

Tioga Fire and Ambulance Service Treasurer, Randell Pederson told me with their high demand in service, he and his team appreciate any relief they can get.

“We’re in a constant state of demand as a department and it’s nice to have a partner alongside who helps us with all our needs and ensures we’re able to continue serving our communities,” Pederson said.

“We’ve realized that this COVID-19 pandemic has become a problem and we felt we had the power to help,” Huston said.