MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — According to the EPA, North Dakotans, on average, throw out a little more than four and a half pounds of trash on a daily basis. Altogether, that’s more than three million pounds of waste in our state every day.

In order to help the environment, the City of Minot is implementing its first citywide recycling program. About a month from now, people in Minot will help cut down on that problem — as they see 95-gallon blue-topped carts arrive on their curbs, signaling the start of the new procedures.

“A lot of people are used to recycling,” said Minot Recycling Coordinator, Christina Wolf. “So it’s like, we’re a little behind the times, but we’re catching up. And also it’s going to extend the longevity of our landfill. And it’s for the environment, and the future generations that are coming after us.”

The two-month free trial period starts on the first recycle pick-up day, on July 17. After those two months, if you don’t choose to opt-out, the service will cost you $2.50.

“One bin is all you get, it’s all you need,” Minot Public Information Officer, Derek Hackett explained. “Plastics, papers, cardboard, things like that. Tins, aluminum, all that can go in there. there are some things that we do not collect. One thing is bags, plastic bags. Do not bag your recyclable materials. We don’t recycle glass in our curbside collection.”

The collections will run four times a month, taking the place of a regular garbage day, every other week. However, not everyone will be included in the recycling program right away.

“This is for people who use the city of Minot sanitation,” said Hackett. “So there are apartment buildings or people in modular home parks that won’t be involved in this. Basically, your bin has to be brown with the City of Minot on the side for you to be involved. We have an opt-in for multifamily units. So, triplexes and duplexes, they won’t get their bins automatically, the property owner will have to opt into that service.”

A survey done by the city of Minot shows 64% of people in town are in favor of a curbside recycling program, showing the community’s interest in recycling as well as the need for a more convenient program.

City of Minot leaders are developing a tab on the Minot City app for the recycling program, which they will roll out in June. With it, you’ll be able to check collection days, make complaints, file a missed collection, and more.