It’s hard to pick favorites when it comes to food at the North Dakota State Fair, but there’s one in particular that makes the choice as easy as pie.

Minneapple Pie was first established about 10 years ago and has been growing ever since.

This is its third year at the North Dakota State Fair and the owner says he fully intends on coming back.

But before that happens, let’s take a look at how fried apple pie came to be.

“Coming to each fair it’s like a new family,” owner of Minneapple Pie, George Atsidakos said.

Traveling to 20 fairs every year, that’s a lot of families for him and his team.

But let’s turn back to the original Atsidakos Family, the creators behind Minneapple Pie.

“It started back in the 60s.”

His dad immigrated from Greece with only seven dollars in his pocket. He came to achieve the American Dream, and what’s more American than a state fair?

“One of his first jobs was a baker,” Atsidakos explained. “And he became well-known for his baked apple pie recipe.”

He never got a chance to get his pie to a state fair, so that’s where his kids came in.

“I had the idea to take dad’s recipe, modify it, and make it more fair friendly,” said Atsidakos. “So how do you make it more fair friendly? You deep fry it.” (duh!)

George’s sister tweaked the recipe to make it deep-fry friendly before his mom took nine months to perfect it.

Still, a decade later, Minnesota-made Kemps cinnamon ice cream is the finishing touch you didn’t know you needed … but similar to a deep-fried pie, it turns out, it’s the dessert we all deserve.

You can get deep-fried apple, pumpkin OR chocolate pie. New this year is a taste from the homeland, deep-fried Greek Pie with gyro meat.

They’re all deep-fried on-site, but there’s a whole team at home baking the pies – the crust and fillings all made from scratch.

The only downfall is that the people making the pies don’t get to see the fanfare across the country, which Atsidakos said is the best part of it all, but he’s happy to go back home and relay the message.