Fanatics celebrate National Star Wars Day

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Movie watching, cosplay, and even buying merchandise are just a few of the many things people do to celebrate National Star Wars Day.

Minot Resident Robert Grafsgard says, “Special effects in other movies in 1983 were nothing compared to what you saw in Star Wars movies. It was amazing.”

That’s what caught his eye, nearly three decades ago.

“I’ve been a Star Wars fan for 28 years since I was eight years old, and my favorite thing about Star Wars is that it has such longevity to it,” he said.

The galactic-themed movies have transcended through generations giving die-hard fans like Grafsgard more memorabilia to cherish.

He said, “I collect like a lot of the fast food restaurant kids menu toys, I got a bunch of those.”

May 4 is known as the annual day for fans like Grafsgard to celebrate the franchise. But in 2018, his love for the day grew even stronger because that’s when he and his wife first started dating.

“It was actually completely coincidental. I didn’t like pick that day or anything like that, it just happened,” he said.

The two have since made it a part of their life. Even on their wedding day.

“What I thought was the best was after we were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Grafsard, we were able to exit the wedding to the Imperial March, which no one knew we were going to do. Nobody knew it was going to happen. So, as soon as they introduced us, you hear the ‘dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun,'” Grafsgard said.

While those two share love between each other and National Star Wars Day, a Minot bar takes part by simply having a good time.

“We’re doing a costume contest, there’s going to be door prizes, and all sorts of fun stuff,” Blue Rider bartender Kayla Smith said.

Despite this being Blue Rider’s first year celebrating, the hope is to still draw a big crowd this year and in the galaxy … or years… far, far away.

“We’re hoping for it, we’re hoping for it. Our regular crowd is very big on Star Wars so we are definitely hoping that they’ll come down and enjoy it,” Smith said.

The Blue Rider will be open until 2 a.m. Tuesday night celebrating Star Wars.

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