MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Agriculture is a big part of North Dakota’s economy.

According to the Department of AG, nearly 90 % of the land in North Dakota is farmland.

The North Dakota Farm Management Education program aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities for producers in the state.

“The program is basically for farmers and ranchers, of all different types and sizes of operations. Our main goal is to teach producers how to keep better financial and production records so that they can make better management decisions in the end,” said Lynsey Aberle, the Minot farm business management instructor.

Aberle says there are 10 locations throughout the state for farmers and ranchers to receive help.

And what makes this program unique, is that producers get one-on-one instruction, mainly in the office.

“It does cost some money, so in Minot here, we go through Dakota College at Bottineau. So they’ll pay tuition to them for the year that they’re enrolled. We do get kind of confused since they’re enrolling through the college that it’s a classroom setting, but we’re a little different just with the one-on-one,” said Aberle.

She says some of the producers she works with are new to the program, but many have been in the program for more than two decades.

“It’s pretty much continued learning so they get a lot out of it. So it’s not just us helping them keep their records and stuff like that, cause we’re teaching them to keep those financial. But we put together bound sheets, cash flow plans, and then we do a year-end analysis,” said Aberle.

And she says she loves being able to help farmers and ranchers because it runs in the family.

“I’m a rancher’s daughter and a farmer’s wife so, just seeing people be successful is my main goal and what I really enjoy about my job,” said Aberle.

She says producers that are interested in learning more or joining the program, can reach out to their local instructor.