Farmers reminded to keep their grain cool in the heat

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With it being the warmest time of year in our state, the NDSU extension is reminding farmers to watch the rising temperature of their grain bins.

Officials say a grain bin that’s allowed to get too warm can open the door to mold problems and insect infestations.

Farmers are urged to keep to the top of their bin ventilated or install a ventilation fan to remove excess heat.

Experts say if you can keep your grain below 60 degrees you have a better chance of avoiding insect issues.

The NDSU extension says now is the time problems start popping up.

“We start seeing frequently insect infestations during the month of July. As the grain may have been cool in the spring and stayed fairly cool, as went through the early summer months, but by the time we get to mid-summer, then we’re starting to see warmer grains so the goal should be to try to keep that grain as cool as we can,” said Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension agricultural engineer.

Farmers are urged to also watch the moisture content of the grain and remember that safe levels are 14 percent for corn, 11 or 12 percent for soybeans and 13.5 percent for wheat.

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