The drought coupled with the record-breaking temperatures is causing farmers across North Dakota to make some tough decisions.

Lack of rain is causing crops to fail and producers are now using these crops to make feed for livestock.

Producers have mainly been cutting small grain for hay as opposed to harvesting for grain.

Jeff Schafer, president of the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, says that we will be seeing more of an impact as the crops use more water.

He said corn crops can use up to 3 tenths an inch of water per day.

Schafer said the impacts may soon trickle down to you.

“The drought is going to have an effect on yield, no matter what the crop is and the drought is widespread, so it’s going to affect consumers also,” said Schafer.

As of Monday, Bismarck has only had just over 5 and a half inches of precipitation for the year.