Father’s Day tradition includes planes & breakfast

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Getting breakfast can be as easy as leaving your bed and walking a few feet to the kitchen.

But what about flying to get your food?

Here’s one town’s unique Father’s Day tradition.

For around 30 years, Father’s Day has been celebrated with a fly-in breakfast.

“You see a lot of families getting together to come out in large groups, maybe there’ll be 10-15 people coming out together and it’s the kids and the grand kids and the spouses,” says Paul Schlichting, 2nd Asst. Chief Garrison Fire Department.

Pilots from around the state are invited to stop by with their small planes which families can check out up close.

“Aviation is a small community and so a lot of people know a lot of people it’s just a good time to get together and visit with people,” says Larry Linrud, Pilot.

Linrud attends the event each year, this time in a helicopter.

“They’re more made for just local-type flying. Visibility is super out of them, so you can really see the countryside,” says Linrud.

The event is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Garrison Fire Department and helps them buy new equipment like their purchase of a new tanker.

“That’s what this money’s going to go towards is helping furnishing this new truck, once it does get here,” says Schlichting.

Schlichting says he looks forward to the event each year.

“A lot of people have moved away from Garrison, but they love coming back and enjoying events like this and so it’s just kind of great to see their family change and grow,” says Schlichting.

A change he’s seen within his own family, now with four sons and three grandchildren.

“When you’re younger, you spend so much time working and you’re trying to get ahead of everything and try to provide for your family that you – I think you kind of lose a little bit of that. Now, you’ve got the grand kids and I think you reconnect with your kids and it’s just a great all-around thing,” says Schlichting.

A morning filled with warm food and good company.

The wind and cloudy skies couldn’t keep away the hungry appetites.
Over 100 people came to try the biscuits, gravy, and eggs all to help the Fire Department.

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