Festival necessities: Country Fest is here

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Music festivals are an awesome way to spend time jamming with your friends. Festivals come in all shapes and sizes, with all types of music… and in just two days, Country Fest will be here.

Be prepared by checking out this go-to-festival packing list:

1: Comfortable shoes

Festivals require a lot of standing, walking and hopefully dancing! Make sure to wear a super comfortable pair of shoes so you can jam out without your feet killing you. 

2: Water

Between drinking beers and sweating in the sun, you’ll need to also consume LOTS of water so you don’t get dehydrated. The rule of thumb is one gallon per day per person. Make sure to check out all the rules for Country Fest here

3: Snacks

Keep your energy up by bringing low-maintenance, zero-prep snacks with you like fresh fruit that you can grab and go. For more filling snacks, bring some trail mix or cereal bars. There will also be food trucks at Country Fest to choose from. 

4: Comfortable clothes

It might be hot or cold. You never know with North Dakota weather, so it’s good to be prepared. Bring a jacket but also bring tank tops, t-shirts and pants or shorts you don’t mind wearing dancing all night. It is a Country Festival, so bringing your best cowboy hat, flannel and boots would be fun. 

5: Clear Bag/purse/pack

There are rules for bags at Country Fest so make sure to follow those. However, it’s always good to have something to carry small items in like money, ID, and random things like chapstick and your phone to capture all the fun festy photos. 

In general, have fun!

Festivals are mainly safe. The main dangers at music festivals are those you can easily avoid –Don’t overindulge, take standard sun and safety precautions and you shouldn’t have any issues. Don’t carry excessive cash, keep any valuables close and hidden, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, and pay attention to your surroundings. You’ll have a fantastic time, and enjoy the memories of your experience for years to come.

For information about Country Fest and how to register, go here.

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