MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Firework season is here and many of the ordinances govern when, where, and in some cases, what kind of fireworks can be used.

Fireworks on the Fourth of July are a staple of summer, celebrating America’s Independence Day.

But it is important to have safe fun while following the law.

In the state of North Dakota, fireworks can only be bought, sold, and set off between June 27 and July 5.

In Minot, it’s illegal to light any type of firework within city limits.

When shooting off fireworks outside of city limits, the fire department asks people to clean up all firework shells and trash.

Also to practice basic fire safety when lighting any type of firework.

“We really would like the citizens to be aware of the rules that they cannot be shot off in town. And to be mindful of their neighbors and respectful of the law. And make sure they are doing it in a place where it’s allowed. Go see fireworks where they have a display and really, be safe,” said Stuart Hammer Fire Inspector for the Minot Fire Department.

Although extravagant fireworks are illegal in Minot’s city limits, sparklers and ‘pop its’ can brighten up your Fourth of July.

The annual firework show is set to light up the sky at the State Fair Grounds as well.