(KXNET) — Americans’ desire to celebrate the 4th of July holiday is sparking yet another big year for fireworks stands.

Monday is the first day since New Year’s that North Dakotans can purchase fireworks.

According to North Dakota law, fireworks can only be purchased between today and July 5, only one of two buying periods for the entire year.

The wet weather seems to be holding for now, with one major factor owners are banking on.

“Last year was a struggle in Burleigh County. We had a burn ban, Burleigh, Morton and around this area.
Things were dry and and that’s not good for fireworks. We’re super excited, we’re fully stocked here at Memory Fireworks. I think we’re going to have a busy year. The grass is green, it’s wet outside, things are looking good for this Fourth of July,” said Memory Fireworks owner Shannon Knutson.

While fireworks are now available for sale, they may not be available for use in your area.