Fireworks Season Starts Tomorrow

Local News

It’s fireworks season and a local business is starting off with a bang.

Memory Fireworks new location is at 2045 71st Ave, north on Highway 83.

Shannon Knutson and her husband Braun, own Memory Fireworks.
It’s a family business with a Dakota Series line of fireworks… They even have some named after their children.

They go to China directly to choose the best of the best and whatever they like, they get to name themselves.

They have everything from sparklers and smoke bombs to reloadable artillery shells.

Shannon Knutson and her husband Braun have been owners of Memory Fireworks since 2007. Each year they go directly to China and hand pick fireworks for their stores and personally name them.

Memory Fireworks officially opens tomorrow morning at 8 am until midnight and as always it’s important to follow safety precautions while using fireworks.

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