MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Employees of First Western Bank and Trust were at the Lord’s Cupboard on Friday, volunteering their time to the community.

It was the last day of their fifth annual volunteer week. Throughout the week they were at different non-profits and organizations donating their time.

The Parks District, the YWCA, and the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry are just some of the locations they volunteered at.

Workers spent time distributing food to local food pantries and even ended up outside raking stuff up.

“It has been an eye-opening experience for a lot of them that might have not known for example that the Lord’s Cupboard was here and that they are giving back food. We just really appreciate the community inviting us in and letting us volunteer,” said Danielle Rued, the marketing and communications specialist at First Western Bank and Trust.

On Friday, employees went to the Lord’s Cupboard before the doors opened and helped with stocking shelves, freezers, and tables.

Sharyl Roth, who’s filling in as floor manager at the food pantry, says it definitely created a less stressful day for her and her small band of volunteers.

“It has been good. We have had a lot of food today a lot of different small items and they have been a wonderful group to come in and help hand out the food we are handing out,” said Roth.

Each employee had to volunteer at least one hour of their day but if they wanted to do more they could.