Sanford Power Lead Strength and Conditioning Expert Kyle Kudrna said to participate in the Bismarck Marathon, participants must train well before the race by taking one step at a time training.

“The main exercises you want to do are obviously lower body; when we talk about single leg movements where’s there’s a lounge, split squat; all of those things are going to help make our lower half stronger. When our lower body is stronger it’s going to cost our bodies less energy,” Kudrna said

The race is known as the longest running marathon in the area and Kudrna said it can take anywhere from eight to 12 weeks to train and be ready at the starting line.

“Let’s take runner A and say they have a top-end speed of 22 miles an hour, runner B has an 18 miles per hour speed. Both of those runners are going to try to maintain a five-minute mile pace which is 12 miles an hour,” Kudrna said

It is all about the effort put forth ranging from long runs, to short runs and then recovery which Kudrna describes as a light workout.

“It’s highly dependent on what mileage they would try to get each week, the pace of what they’re trying to run miles, and how they progress that,” Kudrna said

The progress will hopefully lead to efficiency and strength for running long distances.

The Bismarck Marathon will be held on Saturday, September 17. Participants will be lining up at 7:30 at Cottonwood Park.