As summer approaches, so does construction season.

Experts from the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project said road closures could begin as early as next week.

And flood protection construction in Burlington is set to start back up again.

This portion of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project will result in about a six-month closure of Park Road in Burlington.

The existing roadway will be removed and Park Road will be elevated to around six feet when it’s complete.

The project also includes demolition of the roadway, structuring the seepage cutoff wall, repaving and levee construction ultimately protecting Burlington.

“This is really kind of an exciting piece to this project because while flood protection has been going on, now since the flood happened in 2011, Burlington will be the first community that has full flood protection,” said Sabrina Herrmann, public information officer for the Souris River Joint Board.

Herrmann says she knows that construction can be frustrating for the public, but that people do seem to understand why this project is important.

As someone who was involved in the 2011 flood, she’s excited to see the process complete, for the safety of the area.

She says they have water resources that monitor flood levels diligently, and engineers on the project are prepared for any changes in the construction plans, if necessary.

“The project in general is a result of the 2011 flood and the effort to protect the city of Burlington. The levee system that was constructed would basically protect the town from a flood that happened in 2011 of similar size,” said Aaron Fornshell, resident project representative.

Herrmann says that all involved, take pride in protecting people in the Mouse River Valley while also beautifying the project.