BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Plenty of shoppers wait until the last minute to get most of their Thanksgiving goods.

And the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a busy one for people scrambling to grab those essentials they need for their feast.

And many people are also making a stop at the hardware store.

Ace Hardware in Bismarck has been selling many goods to home chefs who are thinking outside the oven for that turkey.

Many families are cooking those birds in their pellet grills, smokers, and deep fryers.

Manager Samuel Hinz says hot items include thermometers, brines, and seasoning rubs.

“They make a pellet blend specifically for turkey. That’s a pretty popular one,” Hinz said. “And this particular one comes with a brining kit, so a brine, a rub, and a brining bag. So, you can prepare the turkey and do it on the pellet grill for a few hours. That’s really popular.”

If you’re cooking that turkey in a pellet grill, Traeger Grill reps say it’ll take about seven hours. That’s around two and a half hours at 225 degrees to smoke it. Then dial it up to 350 and cook that bird for another four hours until the turkey’s internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.