BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Former NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines stopped in North Dakota this week to share her story with supporters.

Gaines swam competitively for the University of Kentucky and tied transgender swimmer Lia Thomas last year for fifth place in the women’s 200m event. Thomas was awarded the trophy.

This year, North Dakota was one state to adopt new laws banning transgender girls from competing on girls’ teams in high school and at public colleges.

Gaines was invited to Bismarck on Thursday by the Independent Women’s Network.

“If this isn’t curbed, and handled in a way that protects women’s privacy and safety and equal opportunities, then the integrity of women’s sports is entirely lost, especially at the NCAA level,” Gaines said. “It’s only a matter of time before one male winning a national title, Lia Thomas, in Division I sports, and sports in general, turns into three, and then five, and then so on and so forth. And notice how this isn’t happening the other way.”

On Friday, Gaines will also talk with supporters at the Truth and Liberty Conference in Medora.

For this story, KX News also spoke with attorney Christina Sambor who’s testified against several transgender policies at the state capitol. She argues the new laws passed infringe on local control as well as parental rights.